Welcome to IP Atelier

My name is Rutger van Rompaey, founder of IP Atelier. Since 2003, I have been active in the field of intellectual property. As a lawyer, entrepreneur, trademark attorney, teacher and musician, I have extensive experience in this area of law. I bundle the diversity of experiences and perspectives in IP Atelier. Enterprising, experienced, involved, flexible and creative; that is what you can expect from me.

I look beyond the limits of the concrete legal case, to reach a solution that actually has added value for my clients. From an IP angle, I like to think along with my clients about specific business cases, business processes and developments in the near future. When required, I happily connect clients to my network of lawyers, entrepreneurs, designers, inventors and other clients.

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Why IP atelier ?

  • Extensive experience with complex IP matters
  • To the point, transparent, involved and modern
  • Broad (international) network
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
Trees for All

A better world…

The best way to keep our planet viable is to stop and reverse global warming. This can be done by planting trees. Trees absorb the greenhouse gas CO2 from the air and have a direct positive effect on the cooling of the earth. IP Atelier wants to contribute to this. For each assignment, IP Atelier plants a tree in the Netherlands, Bolivia or Indonesia via Trees for All. Together with partner parties, we are building a forest.