About IP~atelier

My name is Rutger van Rompaey, founder of IP Atelier. Since 2003, I have been active in the field of intellectual property. As a lawyer, entrepreneur, trademark attorney, teacher and musician, I have extensive experience in this area of law. I bundle the diversity of experiences and perspectives in IP Atelier. Enterprising, experienced, involved, flexible and creative; that is what you can expect from me.

I look beyond the limits of the concrete legal case, to reach a solution that actually has added value for my clients. From an IP angle, I like to think along with my clients about specific business cases, business processes and developments in the near future. When required, I happily connect clients to my network of lawyers, entrepreneurs, designers, inventors and other clients.

I work under clear and realistic conditions and I give a fair assessment of the chances of success of a case. I discuss the practical and strategic approach of a case with the client. During the handling of the case, the communication lines remain short. Preferably I work on the basis of a fixed fee arrangement, but other fee arrangements are negotiable.

IP Atelier is located in the Utrecht Community building. This is a state-of-the-art, fully sustainable and energy-neutral building, with an open office setting. This fully matches with the principles of IP Atelier: modern, high-quality and sustainable.

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